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WORKSHOP 1 慢性疼痛的評估及治療


  • 線上學習期間:2022/10/20-2022/11/30
  • 長度:180分鐘
  • 召集人:溫永銳教授、蘇冠賓 教授
  • 定價:NT$ 3,000 (優惠價:NT$ 2,500,註冊主會議享優惠價)  
  • 講師與課程內容
  1. 林志芃 慢性疼痛病人的特性及疼痛科的介入治療簡介
  2. 張凱閔 軟組織也會痛不欲生與多元化的注射治療
  3. 陳貞吟 營養是疼痛控制不可缺的一環
  4. 蔡昇宗 神經性疼痛問題及神經調控治療
  5. 鄧惟濃 正念減壓課程於慢性疼痛的應用
  6. 劉玲均 了解非癌慢性疼痛患者的心理健康以提升團隊照護的助益
  7. 蘇冠賓 慢性疼痛的身心整合評估與共同照護 

Organized by Prof. Kuan-Pin Su and Prof. Yeong-Ray Wen, this educational workshop will be compiled by seven topics delivered by experts from Taiwan. In this educational workshop, we aim to provide a core curriculum on fundamental knowledge of translational research and clinical assessments and treatments for chronic pain.

Chronic pain and major depressive disorder (MDD) cause major clinical, social and economic burdens on patients and their families. The treatment cost of pain alone is equivalent to more than a fifth of the total health expenditure of developed countries, while MDD is a severe psychiatric illness with a high lifetime prevalence rate of up to one-fifth. Pain and depression are often comorbid: Approximately 35% of participants with chronic pain also had comorbid depression, while 43% of individuals who met the criteria for MDD also had a chronic painful physical condition (CPPC). In this presentation, I aim to discuss the interaction of depression-pain comorbidity, as the conditions often coexist, respond to similar treatments, exacerbate one another, and exhibit common biological connections, such as neurocircuitry, neuroplasticity, and inflammation. 

The course will be pre-recorded and conducted in Mandarin. Only registered participants have the access to the lectures. Participants can interact with the lecturers for questions and comments at designated timeslots. After the course, certificate of attendance and continuing education credits will be provided.

  • Duration: 180 min 
  • Organizer: Yeong-Ray Wen, MD, PhD. & Kuan-Pin Su-Pin Su, MD, PhD.
  • Date: 2022/10/20-2022/11/30
  • Price: NT$ 3,000 
  • Discount: NT$ 2,500 if purchased with main conference 
    (Each workshop may receive a NT$500 discount when registered with full conference)