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The Place Taichung 台中大毅老爺行旅

地址 Address: 臺中市西區英才路601號 No. 601, Yingcai Road, West District, Taichung City 403, Taiwan, R.O.C

電話 Phone: +886-4-2376-6732

<<<訂房專用單 Reservation Request Form>>>

1. 請將訂房單填妥後寄至以下信箱 Please fill in this application and mail to The Place Taichung. (email: tc.rsvn.s@tc.hotelroyal.com.tw )

2. 請以此頁面提供之訂房單訂房 All reservation have to according this application.

3. 以收到飯店訂房確認書為完成訂房 The booking will be completed upon receipt of the confirmation of the hotel booking.

4. 此訂房單適用於 2022/10/27-10/30 Reservation form is applicable to 2022/10/27-10/30.